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Monday, December 22, 2008

D'espairsRay - Horizon (New Single)

D'espairsRay, the Japanese Visual Kei metal rock band, has released their new single, Horizon. The latest single has three songs of very different styles and substance. D'espairsRay has continued to grow as a band and garnered strong and increasing following not just in Japan, but also in Europe and the USA. Their latest participation in the Tour of Chaos in the US was a huge success and they have since returned to their country to produce more songs and material for their growing fanbase.

D'espairsRay's new single Horizon shows the versatility and musicality of the band. The first song, Horizon, is a straight out rocker with a great melody and tempo. Horizon is sure to be a favourite of many fans, with its anthemic chorus.

The second song, Bullet, is one of D'espairsRay's trademark hardcore sounding tunes. Shouting with a fast hardcore metal tempo, but always varying in atmospher and there is great tension before building it up to a resounding crescendo.

The third and last song on D'espairsRay's new single Horizon, is 闇に降る奇跡 Classical White Version. It is a slower and quiet balladish tune, but steeped in dark and thoughtful atmosphere. It is great to see the band branching out to new territory and even improving on existing sounds and trademark styles.

Sample D'espairsRay's new single Horizon here, and support the band by buying it!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hizaki Grace Project - Dignity of Crest

Hizaki Grace Project has a great album in Dignity of Crest. It is a classic visual kei symphonic metal album from the Japanese artiste and band that metal fans of the genre will take to. Dignity of Crest is also a rare and hard to find album so fans of Hizaki Grace Project will be delighted with this. There are a total of 10 tracks on Dignity of Crest and each one has great tempo with slabs of melodic metal riffs blended well together to make coherent songs. There is also some experimentation which does not take away from the quality of the songs but add to it.

Hizaki Grace Project released Dignity of Crest in 2007 and it is a timeless classic. Songs available on the album include Philosopher the thundering opening track, Cradle, Everlasting Dream, Dokusaisha no Katsubou and a lot more. Dignity of Crest is bound to stay in your playlist for a long time, till Hizaki Grace Project releases more quality music for everyone to enjoy.

Check out Hizaki Grace Project Dignity of Crest here.

Galneryus - Reincarnation

Galneryus Reincarnation never ceases to amaze fans and musicians alike as their 2008 new release is a stormer of a symphonic metal masterpiece. There are 12 heartstopping tracks that Galneryus has written for Reincarnation, and when you have heard them, you will agree that the band is in top form. Each song is a creation of mindnumbing symphonic metal riffs played at breakneck speed but without sacrificing the melody.

Reincarnation is not the first album of Galneryus nor will it be the last. Based on their musicianship, this underrated speed and symphonic metal band are masters at their craft and should be releasing more material. Highlights of Reincarnation include Blast of Hell, Shining Moments, Wind of Change, Stardust, Fairy Tale and many more. Look out for Galneryus to play at your nearerst metal venue soon if they ever drop by your part of the woods.

Check out more of Galneryus Reincarnation here and here.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Candiria - Kiss The Lie

Candiria has a new album Kiss The Lie which is a return to top form for the hardcore metal band. There is no jazz or hip hop tracks here to distract the purists but Candiria does not disappoint on Kiss The Lie. If there is anything bad to say about this album, it is that there are not enough tracks. Yes, Kiss The Lie is that good that it leaves you wanting more at the end of it. There is just not enough of Candiria at the moment and they could do better by having a greater output of music. But metal fans will have to enjoy this for now.

Kiss The Lie kicks off with Icarus Syndrome as Candiria teases listeners with a softly spoken start. But the jazzy bassline kicks in and before long you have the hardcore metal riffs waking your consciousness. There are other great tunes on Kiss The Lie, such as Reflection 11, Legion, Genuine and many more. Candiria has provided a winner this time as they always do, and fans all over the world will rejoice.

Check out more of Candiria Kiss The Lie here.

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