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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hizaki Grace Project - Dignity of Crest

Hizaki Grace Project has a great album in Dignity of Crest. It is a classic visual kei symphonic metal album from the Japanese artiste and band that metal fans of the genre will take to. Dignity of Crest is also a rare and hard to find album so fans of Hizaki Grace Project will be delighted with this. There are a total of 10 tracks on Dignity of Crest and each one has great tempo with slabs of melodic metal riffs blended well together to make coherent songs. There is also some experimentation which does not take away from the quality of the songs but add to it.

Hizaki Grace Project released Dignity of Crest in 2007 and it is a timeless classic. Songs available on the album include Philosopher the thundering opening track, Cradle, Everlasting Dream, Dokusaisha no Katsubou and a lot more. Dignity of Crest is bound to stay in your playlist for a long time, till Hizaki Grace Project releases more quality music for everyone to enjoy.

Check out Hizaki Grace Project Dignity of Crest here.

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