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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Galneryus - Reincarnation

Galneryus Reincarnation never ceases to amaze fans and musicians alike as their 2008 new release is a stormer of a symphonic metal masterpiece. There are 12 heartstopping tracks that Galneryus has written for Reincarnation, and when you have heard them, you will agree that the band is in top form. Each song is a creation of mindnumbing symphonic metal riffs played at breakneck speed but without sacrificing the melody.

Reincarnation is not the first album of Galneryus nor will it be the last. Based on their musicianship, this underrated speed and symphonic metal band are masters at their craft and should be releasing more material. Highlights of Reincarnation include Blast of Hell, Shining Moments, Wind of Change, Stardust, Fairy Tale and many more. Look out for Galneryus to play at your nearerst metal venue soon if they ever drop by your part of the woods.

Check out more of Galneryus Reincarnation here and here.

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