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Monday, December 22, 2008

D'espairsRay - Horizon (New Single)

D'espairsRay, the Japanese Visual Kei metal rock band, has released their new single, Horizon. The latest single has three songs of very different styles and substance. D'espairsRay has continued to grow as a band and garnered strong and increasing following not just in Japan, but also in Europe and the USA. Their latest participation in the Tour of Chaos in the US was a huge success and they have since returned to their country to produce more songs and material for their growing fanbase.

D'espairsRay's new single Horizon shows the versatility and musicality of the band. The first song, Horizon, is a straight out rocker with a great melody and tempo. Horizon is sure to be a favourite of many fans, with its anthemic chorus.

The second song, Bullet, is one of D'espairsRay's trademark hardcore sounding tunes. Shouting with a fast hardcore metal tempo, but always varying in atmospher and there is great tension before building it up to a resounding crescendo.

The third and last song on D'espairsRay's new single Horizon, is 闇に降る奇跡 Classical White Version. It is a slower and quiet balladish tune, but steeped in dark and thoughtful atmosphere. It is great to see the band branching out to new territory and even improving on existing sounds and trademark styles.

Sample D'espairsRay's new single Horizon here, and support the band by buying it!

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