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Monday, December 1, 2008

Candiria - Kiss The Lie

Candiria has a new album Kiss The Lie which is a return to top form for the hardcore metal band. There is no jazz or hip hop tracks here to distract the purists but Candiria does not disappoint on Kiss The Lie. If there is anything bad to say about this album, it is that there are not enough tracks. Yes, Kiss The Lie is that good that it leaves you wanting more at the end of it. There is just not enough of Candiria at the moment and they could do better by having a greater output of music. But metal fans will have to enjoy this for now.

Kiss The Lie kicks off with Icarus Syndrome as Candiria teases listeners with a softly spoken start. But the jazzy bassline kicks in and before long you have the hardcore metal riffs waking your consciousness. There are other great tunes on Kiss The Lie, such as Reflection 11, Legion, Genuine and many more. Candiria has provided a winner this time as they always do, and fans all over the world will rejoice.

Check out more of Candiria Kiss The Lie here.

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