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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kreator - Hordes Of Chaos

Kreator will be releasing their new album Hordes of Chaos soon and it is a bonecrushing new slab of extreme thrash metal. Everybody should know Kreator by now as the legendary death thrash metal band that has released classic after classic. And Hordes of Chaos their new 2009 album will soon be regarded as one due to the many massive anthems that permeate the whole LP. It is another return to top form by the German metal band and Kreator does not seem to let up with each release after their comeback.

Hordes of Chaos by Kreator includes 10 terrific tracks with a distinctly familiar cover art. Apart from the title track that kicks of Hordes of Chaos in style, Kreator has also included other instant favourites such as Warcurse, Amok Run, Destroy What Destroys You, and Radical Resistance. All in all, the album contains 10 perfect songs that thrash metal and death metal fans of Kreator will enjoy tremendously.

You can find out and sample more of Kreator Hordes of Chaos here.

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