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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dragonforce - Ultra Beatdown

Dragonforce has released their latest hit album Ultra Beatdown which is a showcase of the best in symphonic metal. Billed as the fastest band in metal and possibly in history, Dragonforce has completed Ultra Beatdown after being made even more famous by their previous songs featured on the Guitar Hero soundtrack. With this new Dragonforce album, Ultra Beatdown is sure to invade the mainstream even more and bring symphonic metal to a larger and wider audience.

Ultra Beatdown by Dragonforce features the 10 requisite tracks which are all brilliant and full of speed metal riffs infused with generous doses of melody. The album is what metal fans of all ages would anticipate and love, and the various members of Dragonforce do not disappoint with their skills on their instruments. Some of the new tracks include Heroes of Our Time, Heartbreak Armageddon, A Flame for Freedom and Strike of the Ninja.

For more of Dragonforce Ultra Beatdown, check here.

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